Located in beautiful Villesèque-des-Corbières, Château Haut Gléon opens its gates on Friday 21 July and 4 August to invite you to an evening of food and music in the Château gardens!

To start the evening off, a tour of the estate will take place from 6pm, followed by a spot of wine tasting. Dinner will be served from 7.30pm onwards – and at this point the festivities will begin!

You won’t want to miss the opportunity to discover this splendid estate, located in the heart of the Corbières vineyards in the Vallée du Paradis. Enjoy the finest music and all for a very reasonable price!


Paella Night

Accompanied by Christine & Summer Jazz Band

Christine & Summer Jazz Band from Perpignan

(Christine Lenogue on vocals alongside her guitarist),

will sing and play tunes from a range of different artists,

treating you to a fantastic musical cocktail!

With its jazzy, bossa nova and swing-filled atmosphere, this magical place will be a delight for both the eyes and the ears!


Mussels & Fries Night

With HERVÉ TIREFORT & his One Man Show musical!

As the creator of many local shows with a life spent on the stage – including, among other things, performing at the famous Caveau de la République in Paris – there can be no doubt that Hervé Tirefort has both style and substance!

He will transport you to a world where words come to life as his thought-provoking songs grab the attention of even the most poetically unaware of spectators! His intelligently risqué show, with its mishmash of themes, will make you wonder if there’s laughing gas in the air! Powerful satire about anything and everything!

The price of the evening is fixed at €25 per person and includes the meal, free wine tasting and concert.

Price for children under 10 years: €10

For more information, don’t hesitate to check out our Facebook page!


Contact: 04 68 48 85 95 or clic here !

Les Vignobles Foncalieu and the Château Haut Gléon, recognized for the quality of thier wines and their capacity of innovation, have entered for their 50th birthday the circle of the 50 most famous wine brands in the world, established by the specialized magazine Drinks International.

According to Drinks International: “The Foncalieu Co-operative is among the best of the thousands of producers spread accross this vast part of southern France”.

Les Vignobles Foncalieu are the only winery from the South of France to enter this listing. According to Michel Servage, president of Les Vignobles Foncalieu: “the entry in this classification is an important step for the recognition of the Languedoc on the wine industry’s world map. It honors the constant work of our winegrowers and our co-operative that exist since 1967 and that aims to
highlight the highly qualitative potential of wines from the Languedoc accross the world”.

This entry follows the nomination of the Vignobles Foncalieu as Meininger’s Best French Cooperative in 2015 and the many grades awarded by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate over the last two years.

Drinks International magazine compiles this list each year after polling over 200 wine industry experts including key buyers, wine writers, journalists, Masters of Wine and wine educators who consider more than 100,000 wineries. Drinks International is the must-read magazine for global drinks buyers and professionals, distributed monthly in 67 countries around the world.
Harvest / vintage - december 2016
The Château Haut Gléon vineyards did not escape this long period of drought that affected Corbières. A hot and dry summer followed a cold and barely watered spring. However, humid sea winds at the end of August and some rain showers at the beginning of September enabled our beautiful grapes to continue developing
to become perfectly ripe.
Harvesting was carried out in the same period as the previous year with some red varieties being harvested slightly earlier. The yield for both the red and white grapes remained stable thanks to wellscheduled soil and vine preparations and applications of appropriate
plant protection products. This is set to be a great vintage, certified by both the French AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and Vallée du Paradis IGP (Protected Geographic Indication) certifications. The white variety harvests began on 31 August with our two Chardonnay
vineyards being harvested. For this grape variety, the yield volume remained more or less the same. Other varieties were not so lucky and became victim to the hungry appetites of wild boars.
The white Chardonnays, Roussannes and Grenaches are currently coming to the end of their maturation on lees, in barrels and in vats: they feature a wealth of aromas and wonderfully fresh notes.
On Thursday 1 September, our Merlot vineyard grapes made their way to the cellar, going straight into the press to produce the base for our wonderful rosé, the Domaine Haut Gléon Gris, which is then completed with some Grenache and some Cabernet. The Château Haut Gléon rosé, produced from a splendid blend of
Syrah and red Grenache, is also continuing with its slow transformation into a beautiful wine with intense (raspberry, currant) and rich flavours.
For the red wines, the sky granted our wishes, providing a little rain and freshness the night before harvest. This allowed us to reach our goals, in terms of both the quality and quantity. Our Syrah vineyards provided concentrated, dark-coloured and very high-quality juice. The Grenaches, Cabernets-Sauvignon and Cabernets-Franc also look very promising! All of our red grapes will finish their malolactic fermentation in stainless steel vats in our cellars and are maintained every day in order to achieve aromatic (dark fruit, gentle spices) and concentrated wines.
The last of the varieties to be harvested, from our old Carignan vineyards, entered the cellars on Wednesday 27 September and joined the other varieties in the final vats of the cellar. The wines are now ready to go into their winter quarters in our barrels and casks.
Vinisud - 29, 30 and 31 january 2017
Meeting at Vinisud on 29, 30 and 31 January in Montpellier!

Château Haut Gléon will be at the Mediterranean wines trade fair Vinisud for the first year of what will now become an annual event, at the AOC Corbières stand.
You will find the complete range of Château Haut Gléon and the presentation of the new vintage for the Domaine red, rosé and white in IGP Vallée du Paradis and for our Château rosé in AOP Corbières.