Vin du Languedoc : domaine Haut Gléon
Château Haut Gléon, tucked away in a haven of greenery
Château de Gléon has extremely ancient origins; its history reflects the history of Languedoc, specifically its grape cultivation, but also its Visigoth, Gallo-Roman and Mediaeval cultural heritage, as shown by a site in a 6th century chapel dedicated to the “Virgin of Gléon”.

The property is built on an ancient mediaeval castle constructed in 1223, year in which the Viscount of Narbonne gave this land to the Treilles family. On 30 April 1223, the family adopted the “de Gléon” name in homage to this benefaction.

The Seigniory of Gléon was given Marquisate status in April 1750 in favour of Jean-Baptiste de Treilles, Seigneur of Gléon. The last Marquis of Gléon and his son were murdered on the estate on 12 November 1830.

On 1st March 1861, Madam Marquise of Gléon ceded the estate to Lord Hyppolyte Bonnes, who divided the estate in two for each of his sons in 1874.

In 1991, the Duhamel Family acquired the Gléon estate. The new proprietors decided to rename the estate “Château Haut Gléon”.

Over 20 years, they transformed this place into a luxury venue, an artists’ residence and Languedoc’s viticulture crown jewel. Les Vignobles Foncalieu bought the estate in 2012.